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Inpatient carePediatric Cardiac Surgery

David Berishvili, cardiovascular surgeon, Doctor of Medical Science, Head of Congenital Heart Disease Department

To Patients

Dear Parents! Congenital heart disease is not a sentence. A child with a disease is a big tragedy. No one except parents can comprehend it. At such moments, the family can only think about one thing – how to save the baby? There is only one answer. You should accept reality and immediately refer to professionals in order to have a chance to help.

What do children’s doctors want? They’d rather be out of work than see suffering children. And if this is not possible, then let our and your efforts help children recover or improve their condition where cure is impossible. If the God allowed diseases to appear, that’s also him, who teached us how to deal with them. If your child has a congenital heart disease, only you, together with professional doctors, can perform a miracle. Sincerely, David Berishvili.

About the Doctor

David Berishvili was born in Sukhumi. He graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University. He worked in Bakulev Center of Cardiovascular Surgery in 1995-2018. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor. The variety of operations is congenital heart and vascular defects. He performed more than 6,000 operations to little patients with CHD with the weight from 650 grams. He executes all types of operations for any congenital heart disease and blood vessels defects. Two dissertations on the problem of congenital heart defects are defended by him. Member of Asian Association of Cardiac Surgeons. Author of 124 academic papers. Co-author of the book-manual “Congenital Heart Diseases” edited by academician Leo Bokeria. Co-author of patent RU No. 2622589 (“Cardiological Surgery of Congenital Heart Defects”). Participant and speaker at international conferences and thematic symposia.

Why Jerarsi?

Jerarsi is the first multidisciplinary clinic in Georgia, built and equipped according to modern European standards. Technical support of the treatment process, quality of equipment, security system, isolated ventilation of wards and operating rooms – all elements meet international requirements. Highly qualified staff and the newest equipment at the Jerarsi Clinic allow us to make an accurate diagnosis in time. This helps to choose the right tactics and begin treatment on the postnatal day. The right tactics is not always just operative intervention. With many heart defects, properly chosen medication improves the child’s condition, allows to delay an operation and prepare for it.

The team of cardiovascular surgeons of Jerarsi collaborates with specialists in other fields – pediatrics, gastroenterology, critical medicine (critical care medicine), anesthesiology, radiology, rehabilitation and nutritiology (dietary science studying human nutrition). Because of such multidisciplinary cooperation, each patient receives an individual treatment. During the stay in the hospital, our patients are always under our attention. Our goal is to achieve the best result.

Что мы предлагаем?

Doctors of the CHD Department perform diagnostics, medicamental and surgical treatment of the entire spectrum of congenital heart diseases detected at an early age. Apart from specialized professionals (cardiologists, resuscitators and other doctors, nursing patients), our surgeons are always in the clinic or within the hourly availability. You can get the consultation and assistance of a cardiovascular surgeon 24/7 during the entire stay of your child in the hospital. Such a comprehensive approach provides an optimal treatment result.

Our cardiovascular surgeons execute surgeries concerning the following pathologies:

– transposition of great arteries;

– ventricular septal defect;

– complete atrioventricular canal;

– hypoplastic of left heart syndrome;

– congenital defects of heart valves;

– Fallot’s tetralogy;

– atrial septal defect;

– coarctation of aorta;

– common truncus;

– all other congenital heart defects.

Our doctors also perform:

– heart diagnostics from at birth and intrauterine (from 16 weeks of pregnancy);

– intravascular surgery (with some defects, they reduce the risk of complications);

– operations both under cardiopulmonary bypass and without it;

– pacemaker implantation.

Outpatient department

The Congenital Heart Diseases Department of Jerarsi provides complete outpatient services together with hospitalization. The OPD of Jerarsi maintains experienced and communicative professionals. Thanks to years of intelligence experience in pediatrics, they help children cope with the psychological stress caused by a doctor’s appointment.